Intelli IMT 500 Digital Tuner Review

There was always a problem for people who had to tune their instruments in loud environments, especially loud music environments, which are obviously so common for musicians.
This was that noise always made it very difficult to be able to tune an instrument properly. The Intelli IMT 500 Digital Tuner is aimed at solving just this problem and in that respect is part of an approach that has really turned the way things are done on it’s head.
The Tuner itself basically clamps to the head of any instrument and allows the user to tune it, without any need for either a microphone, wire or pick and it really doesn’t matter how loud the noise is in the surrounding area.
When these types of devices started to come out, there were some teething problems, most notably with the intellitouch, the Intelli IMT 500’s predecessor, in that they always had problems with bass tuning. However, this seems to have improved upon this significantly, and there are now very few issues.
In fact, it is fast becoming an indispensable tool for acoustic musicians. The device is very easy to use and easily clamps on to any string instrument. The display will actually swivel round, so it can basically be seen from all different angles. The display is also has an LED back light so people can tune their instruments whatever the lighting situation is.
The other major plus point for this tuner, is that is is very competitively priced and much cheaper than any similar models that are on the market today.

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