Make Your Own Beats to Become a Rockstar Extraordinaire

To make your own beats, you don’t need to an expert in it. Technological advances have changed things now and anybody can make music sitting right in front of their computer. It is only the mindset which is required to create music not any fixed rules. Make any kind of beats that your mind and soul loves. Genre is not so significant and you can make it free style when you begin.
After reaching a comfort level, you can move to difficult parts but you must not confine yourself in any kind of rules as final goal is to make music that audience loves to hear. Take criticism coming through your way positively as it can help you in progressing ahead. You can tweak the beats as per comments and then you can compare original beats with new beats and it will help you in getting more audience.
People who want to create music must listen to lots of music to examine construction of beats. Find and emulate what makes beats so special. You must not copy music to avoid copyright infringement but you can add same music-elements (sequence/ tempo/ pitch/ intensity etc.) in your beats. With time comes the talent of creating special as well as unique beats. Do not limit yourself to particular music genres/ types, rather be creative and venture-out all genres (rap/ hip hop/ jazz/ techno) or combination of these.
If you make your own beats and those beats are engaging the audience, then the beats are really excellent. You require beat maker software to make this possible. It must allow adding, editing, mixing beats using different instrumentals only from the keyboard of your computer. Fresh ideas and ear for good music is all you need to become a rock star extraordinaire.

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