Music Flashcards – Music And Illustrations

Illustrations are among the best ways of teaching kids. It has been scientifically proved that kids respond more to images that are bright and colourful, much more than they do to sounds. This is because of the simple fact that light travels faster than sound. Hence our eyes are more receptive than our ears. We are more likely to remember seeing something rather than hearing it. This is also the reason why sometimes, we may forget someone’s voice, but we can never somehow remember their faces.
The same principle can be applied while you are teaching your kids music. It is quite possible that in spite of putting in many efforts, kids may not be able to remember everything. Thus, you can make their memories much sharper with the help of Music Flashcards. These are very simple pieces of laminated cardboard that contain some beautiful illustrations of various musical questions. They are available for all kinds of subjects in music. The number of cards available is extremely vast and comprehensive. Thus, you can gather a very wide set, and have separate ones for each student depending on what he or she needs the most.
Music Flashcards must however be properly designed. Kids react best only to sharply defined and clear images the best. If you feel that you will not be able to make good ones yourself, or lack the time, you can download them easily from the internet. While teaching. You can conduct some simple quizzes, and hold up these flashcards of music in class, and ask your students to identify them. Even if students are not able to get them right at first, the image of the illustration gets embedded in their minds, and they find that they are able to recollect the names of the illustrations much better. You can use these cards to teach music theory, history and so on.

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