Buy Cheap Music – Know the Facts

Act smart and spare few minutes in front of internet search engine to get your favorite music at the cheapest rate. How? The answer is easy. Simply login into the websites that provide you with a data base of rates as by going through some such websites, you are sure to make gains.
These music comparison sites provide you with the details of the latest and the best tracks on the market and also provide you with data bases of the different rate chart of this music. By a few mouse clicks you will actually be led in a space where you can have a look at the cheapest and the highest price for the same music. Most of the sites provide you with a list of the suppliers they are quoting and show the rates either in ascending or descending order, which makes your task more simple. Also they provide most of the time a list of bestsellers which ranges from twenty to forty you can either choose any one and compare or look for a bulk of tracks and order. It would be really helpful if you look into the Manager’s recommendation, because many a times that option provides you with discount on new and popular music.
Since you are to buy cheap music you need to see certain details .See that the supplier with whom you are placing your order is not located at a remote place. In such a case not only would you receive the music late but also there are chances that you will be charged extra. Also some sites show the prices which include the shipping charges but they charge some extra when it is in bulk and so you need to keep a watch. And most important, see that the different prices quoted are for the same product and not for a tribute copy. You can also avail music at a cheap rate by downloading it from internet. Do not believe in the saying that music downloading is illegal. Websites like Napster,
eMusic and Rhapsody provide you with a huge palate of music from where you can choose and download with a membership fee that is meager. These sites have a large collection of pop music, and if you have a taste for jazz, hip hop or indie then you will readily find them in plenty of sites.
But in search of cheap music downloads beware of the sites that generally do not want you to register or charges you nothing. Most of these sites are full of viruses which will in no time infest your PC. They also expose your computer to spyware.
Then stop worrying about the costly music CDs and enjoy music at a cheap rate. IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE, PLAY ON…

Audio Converting and Audio Extractor

Music feeds the soul and should be played throughout the day. I listen to music most of my day. The only time I don’t is when I am writing, learning, or doing something that takes most of my concentration. Listening to certain genres of music can make you sad, joyous, and all the emotions you have. Most of the time, I listen to music over the internet.
The internet has brought instant music to us like never before. Just search for what you want and bang there it is. We don’t have to search in music stores or retailers just type in what we want and we have it. The work put in to search for our favorite songs or genres is over. That saves us time and money.
There is one problem though. Some of the songs I find is only over the internet. I cannot burn them on a cd and listen to them unless I am online. Some of you reading this may want to put it on your other listening devices but cannot. I have found a solution. Audio converting and audio extracting software is amazing and if you love music like I do, you want this software.
I am about to tell you what recently happened to me. I have been trying to find a really old recording of a great musician for the longest time. I have heard his recordings many times in the past and wanted one of his recordings. I could not find anything about him for the longest time, as well as any of his recordings. Recently, a few songs he recorded in 1916 was put the internet.
When I heard these recordings my soul was in perfect harmony with the universe. There was one problem though. I could only listen to it over the internet. I then asked all my friends what I could do and they did not know. My nephew is also a musician and he extracts music and video all the time and he said he could not do it because the software used to listen to it can not be changed. I didn’t know what he was talking.
I searched a way how to change music into other formats and found what I needed was audio converting and audio extracting software. How to extract the music was a part of it but I also needed to convert it so I could burn a cd. This all sounds like only a nerd can do this but learning it is very easy. The joy it will bring you is priceless.

DJing Class Reunions Confidently and Effectively

How frustrating is it to DJ a class reunion? These events are probably the most annoying parties to DJ due to the ego’s of the guests attending trying to look and sound “cool” to classmates who thought they were “cool in school”. This is an informative article offering tips of effective music programming techniques and perfect responses to annoying guests. By the end of this article you should be confident and excited to DJ class reunions.
The Ego’s of the party really depends on how old the crowd is. The older the crowd, generally, the more tame a crowd you’ll have. The younger the crowd, prepare yourself for a night of bad requests, people telling you how to do your job and what to play, a few insults, and possibly the longest night of your life!
This article will teach you about choosing appropriate music, ways to format your music program, and what to say when guests come up to you when guests have requests and what to say to those guests who try telling you how to do your job. If you take this advice, you’ll actually have a TON of fun DJing Class Reunions. Learn to Stay Cool and have fun because You have Total Control!
Hour 1: Choosing Music
What Year did they Graduate: Look up on the internet “Top Songs” from the year they graduated. Like, “Top Songs from 1994” if the class graduated in 1994. Make sure you put together a bunch of songs from that year and a few top songs from “around” that time period. EX. From 1993 and 1995. For about the first hour you want to play this type of music.
Hour 2: Play Some Current up-beat top 40 rock stuff
Hour 3: Open up the dance floor with Current Beat Music (Current Hip-Hop and some Current Rock Beat Music)
Hour 4: Play a few slow love songs for the couples to dance to and then open up the dance floor again with some really good dance music (try different sets and see how the crowd responds: Older hip-hop, Motown, Classic Rock Dance Set, Spanish music if the crowd may like Spanish (if the crowd looks like they like it keep going with it, if they look like they are getting bored, change up the set.)
End the night by asking the host what song their class song was. Play That and your night musically should have been a great success.
What do you Say When Guests request songs? “I’ve already played that” or “I’ll work that in later on”
What do you say when a guest tells you what music you should be playing? You can say politely, “Thanks for the suggestion, but let me be the DJ and go enjoy yourself with your friends, we’ll get to your stuff later” (smile)
When guests really, really want a song and they are pushy but not rude, they say things, like; “Come on if you play (This Song) everyone will dance to it.” (people hardly ever do). Say ok. Play their song and announce that this person requested (THAT SONG) and said everyone would dance to it. People will then be hesitant to request songs, leaving you in control of the party.
What do you do when a guest gets belligerent about requests? With a smile say: “Would you like to DJ?” Show them your mixing board, and say, “ok have fun”. Then walk away leaving them behind your booth, watch how fast they panic.
This is your party, your music, and you will never see these people again, so be super confident in your choices and decisions. Always be as polite as possible and never get angry (this shows that you are losing control). If people ever get super angry at you and may pose a danger, shut your equipment off, pack up, and leave. It’s not worth you getting emotionally destroyed or hurt. Stay Cool and Calm because you really are a great DJ!

Can A Music Student Practice Too Much?

The lyrics of a Tom T Hall song go, “Joe don’t let the music kill ya, it’s thing that’s supposed to fill ya, it’s a thing that’s supposed to make ya happy…” Every parent, every music teacher & every music student, should have those words framed and placed in a position where each can be constantly reminded of the principle and truth they represent. Countless musical aspirants have walked away from their instruments not because they showed no ability or promise, but rather, the pressures got too much for them.
Tales can be told of old, when school piano teachers gave students a wrap over the knuckles with a ruler because they had, “not practiced the piece enough at home.” Others can tell of parents or guardians who made them sit at the piano and “practice” for a couple of hours or more every night, plus weekends. Today those same people will have nothing to do with the piano. Ask them the question of whether a music student can practice too much and they won’t hesitate to answer in the affirmative.
It wasn’t the music that “killed” them it was the pressures they were put under far from making them “happy.” A mother was so hell-bent on her ten year-old son learning the drums she threatened to tie his wrists to the drum sticks if he didn’t do a minimum of one hour a night using a practice pad. A fourteen year-old boy’s dad played the alto saxophone and he wanted him to learn it too, which he did. The only problem was he got conflicting messages between the music teacher and dad. The teacher said he was happy with the boy’s progress, but his dad was not. Today the boy despises the thought of music practice as well as the sound of the alto sax.
Can a music student practice too much? Yes. But what does “too much” mean? It means the moment he or she feels themselves coming under any form of pressure, they should stop, get up and walk away until the pressure comes off. Music is, “supposed to make ya happy,” but if it doesn’t, it’s time for a break. Two of the greatest guitarists the world has ever known have both testified to regularly coming under pressure when practicing, so they put their guitars away for two or three days and came back to them when they were ready.
Forced learning is wasted learning. It is a waste of time, a waste of money, a waste of effort. But worst of all it is a tragic waste of promising talent. No-one would disagree that the need for discipline, commitment and time management are necessary for the music student if he or she desires to become a skilled player, but these must all become achievable without the practice of music “killing” them.

New Music Versus Old School Music in Any Genre

To start off, You hear people saying today’s music stinks and there in no talent anymore. Lets go back 50 years ago, To late buddy Holly. A man who changed the music industry and the way music was. Although his life and career was short lived from an airplane crash (Along with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper), but his name still lives on today and if he was still alive he would of contributed so much more to the music industry as we see it. The rawness of his music caught the attention of listeners, that brought his music to the front line of the music world. With just a 4 track recorder and looping tracks to make stereo sounds, it was innovative and original. You had no choice in those days to creative, cause the recording tools were minimal compare to today’s standards.
Bringing us back to today. Does that make Buddy more talented than one of the big names today? Can one answer that? Buddy used all his talent and tools to the extreme and used them very well I might add. But today’s musicians have so much at their disposal including recording tools, media, MySpace, YouTube, American Idol, just to name a few. Musician have so much more opportunity right from their home computer. Does that make it easier? Just remember many musicians have those same opportunities. So I’m sure that you have to be somewhat great at what you do and/or be very creative. Especially to make it to the top 10 on American Idol or to be noticed on YouTube.
But what makes a Band/Artist great? Like they say it is in the eyes of the listener. One might love Bruce Springsteen or Miley Cyrus while others think they stink. Why? They have their following and fan base of listeners and concert attenders. So if they can sell out Madison Square Garden, does that make him or her great? Well? Maybe the ones who appreciate what they do and that are already fans of them. Every Band/Artist has a following of people that like and dislike them. Not everybody can like one band. Whether their a 5 octave singer, or someone who mumbles in the mic, obviously they have caught someones attention to be able to fill an arena full of listeners. So many bands of all genres styles are selling out arenas all across the world. In my eyes they can’t stink, they just don’t offer anything to the people that dislikes them.
How does a Genre with a great recording production, great singing, awesome lead guitaring and so on, get knocked of the map by the grunge of Nirvana? Probably something nobody can answer. Kurt Cobain did have something though, that grabbed millions quickly, just like Buddy Holly. Could Kurt sing 5 octaves or play 32nd note leads? He did not have too. Did people think back then that he stunk and was talentless and single handedly ruined the late eighties sound? I’m sure. But it did not stop where Nirvana’s sound evolved to and probably some of the haters from then can now appreciate it more today than back then.
Today more than ever you are seeing bigger and bigger productions in concerts. More and even beyond what KISS was doing with their stage show back in the 70’s. It is nice to see an arena filled with lights, explosives, etc. But does it take away from the artist? Is that artist hiding behind the production? Does it matter? That artist has a 120 city sold out tour. But the artist still has to try and give what the audience what the came for. They have their core following. You still have to be innovative and fresh, but you still have to keep something for your core fans. You can’t turn your back on what brought you to where you are today.
So do these bands own all this equipment? I don’t know. There are a lot of production companies out there of all sizes, just like Pro Audio and lighting stores in the likes of to, Just to name 2. These stores and many others have been suppling the bands and artists with the gear they need, whether purchased or rented for a tour or even a night. When we go to a concert, we only see an 1 and a 1/2 of the work, While there are numerous hours of work from the artist to the road crew and many others, to make sure the show goes off the way the artist intended and the people attending the show.

What Can an Infant Learn From a Music Class?

Have you heard about music programs now accepting babies as young as one-year-old into their classes? Some will even take newborns right out of the womb. This has many parents wondering whether this is a gimmick to separate parents from their hard-earned money. What could an infant possibly learn from a music class?
This is a reasonable concern but babies don’t seem to do much when they first come into the world. They spend the first year of life sleeping, crying, eating, and creating lots of messes for their parents to clean up. Parents and grandparents are exhausted trying to get them adjusted to the daytime schedule of the world and have a lot to do besides drive the baby to a music class.
So why are so many parents doing this with their infants? The answers are actually very compelling. Parents will sign their newborns up for a musical program for a variety of reasons:
1. The classes stimulate the bonding experience between the parent and child. Parents get to interact with their new baby in an enjoyable way that also enriches their growth down the road.
2. Babies can feel the enjoyment of musical sounds and explore the world through sound from a very early age. Think of the way a small baby will turn their head when they hear the voice of a parent enter the room. They do hear things amazingly well.
3. As they grow older, they will start exploring the world through sight and touch as well. They will experience different textures and take in different pictures and storybooks that help them develop needed skills for survival.
4. Children who are introduced to music at a very early age are more likely to grow up with an appreciation of music. They won’t all be pop stars or successful band members, but they will learn to incorporate music into their world for enjoyment and emotional release. That can start in infancy and last a lifetime.
Individual parents have additional reasons for signing their children up for musical programs very soon after birth. Sometimes it is for the benefit of the parent. For instance, a parent suffering from postpartum depression may use a musical mommy-and-me type class to get out of the house, lift their mood, and help them bond with their babies more effectively.
Other parents may really love music themselves. They want to share that enjoyment with their children, so they take advantage of music programs designed just for young babies.
Mutual Enjoyment
The great thing about a musical program designed for new babies is it provides enjoyment and benefit for the parents as well as the child. Parents get the pleasure of bonding with their baby, some time away from the demands of their daily life, and the pleasure of knowing they are helping their baby develop.
Babies get the learning experience and the audio enjoyment of the classes. They get to have their parent’s attention directly on them for a half hour or forty-five minutes and they get to hear sounds that are very stimulating and curious.
They also get worn out which means a good nap may be in store for tired out parents!
It’s easy to write off a musical program that accepts children this young, but one you see the benefits for all it should make a bit more sense.

The Guide to Better Guitar Improvisation and Solos

If you are planning to entertain with the guitar by being a soloist then you need to learn some various guitar dramatization techniques this is not something that is easily done and you are really going to need to learn to practice all of the beginning steps of playing a guitar including how to play faster.
To begin with you better make sure that you know the music that your going to be playing totally you don’t want to be fumbling for cords or tunes half way through your solo. Once you have practiced the same tune over and over again it then gives you the ability to play it without even having to give it much thought this is the point you must get to before you start to dramatize your techniques where they become more individualized.
Once you know the song then you will know what to play in order to complement the various aspects then you are going to need to know what notes are going to go with the different type of scales that you need to concentrate on. The very first thing that you would of learned in music is your scale that goes from starting with your doe ray me’s all music including guitar basically centers around this scale so it is something that although may seem simple to you really must need to learn it properly.
Learning how to play your guitar as a solo and dramatizing your techniques is something that takes a long time to do there are many things however that are going to be able to help you along your way and this is by learning some of those special techniques.
1. One of the things you will want to learn is how to manipulate your strings by bending them in a certain way by doing this you’ll be able to hear the note that will be coming next.
2. Then you can learn a technique where you are going to string bend and release where when you do the release it goes back to where you were by this meaning the last note.
3. then you are going to have to learn to take the second note and pull it off this has to be done at a frat that is lower then the one that you are utilizing.
4. From here you can take a number of the notes and learn to do a slide taking your time doing it slowly moving up to another frat all the time that you are doing this you must stay consistent with the pressure.
5. If you take and play your first note and then take the second note by hammering it with a frat that is higher this is another technique that will individualize or dramatize your solo playing.
6. Another great technique is if you are going to utilize the bibrato here you have to do a repetition of pitch bending or you will go a little up and then back down to the pitch that you were playing at to begin with.
7. If you take your index finger and tap it on a frat that is the written one you will get a tapping technique.
8. Another technique is to take the string pick it and then quickly touch it with the thumb of your right hand just on the edge.
9. Then if you want to be sure that you are doing your best then you have to do harmonic natural and mute palm.

Drumming Beats – Some Things to Consider While Making Beats and Drumming Rhythms

I have been making loops for over ten years & running a beat making classes and song writing classes for over a year. I am always surprised & delighted to hear about the stumbling blocks people face when they are trying to write either a song or a beat.. or a beat to a song or a song to a beat.
I am surprised as the most common things I hear are normally very similar problems with drum beats or drum loops and they come from all genres not just problems for programmed drum beats for guitar, which is a very common one; especially if the beats are not too organic.
I am also delighted as I can give my class a list of helpful insights, hints, tips and answers that have been tried and tested.
Here are a few points that I would like you to take on board and blend into your approach:
Get yourself a drum machine or/and a trigger pad – With one of these you can really get the feel for the drum patterns and drum rhythms. There are plenty of free drum samples around, collect some audio beats or even some sample beats and assign them to the specific pads and work on some simple beats. I have come up with some really strong ideas like this even if you are a drum beginner. Drum beginners need not worry on the trigger pad, if you go out of time, you can simply quantise your beats/notes in your sequencer. This also makes beat making a little more involved and more fun. You will also be able to record and re-record and not feel the pressure to perform like a drummer does. You can have a lot more time to put in your rock drum fills or, whatever else you want as you have quantise and time on your side!
Understand what you are doing – Understanding some basic music theory will help your beat writing ability and will also give you confidence when speaking to others (whether they know the theory or not) and it will also have an impact on your self belief. You will also be able to read drum notation, which is very easy and it will improve your drum beats being able to drum other peoples’ drums, even if it is played on a pad or programmed in to the sequencer.
If you ever see someone you know and they are moving ahead of you and you think they are making better music than you but you feel you could do better. Bets are they have some music theory knowledge.
Expand your scope – Take some time out to listen to some different music styles. They will almost certainly have different drum styles. If you hate a style of music, do not force yourself to listen to it. If you are a true fan of music it should not be too hard look through your collection of music or go on to an online radio station and find a channel of a genre you know you like. Rock drum loops are probably the most versatile and will work well with a lot of cross over genre style songs. The main thing is to get out of the area most familiar to you so you can come up with something truly original and make what you do stand out from other peoples solo influence replica.

Music Theory Worksheets – For Fun Learning

Music theory is often regarded as one of the toughest subjects in any kind of music course. The trouble is that most students never feel interested in it. Initially they may display a lot of enthusiasm when you teach them the first few lessons, and may even come prepared for the next class when you set them some work. But eventually, they lose interest. You end up feeling frustrated because they never really bother doing any of the work that you set them, and you end up teaching the same thing every time. Your students do not make the progress that you had hopes for, and it leaves a very unpleasant feeling.
However, no part of music must be unpleasant. Music is learnt by people so that they can find their inner rhythms, and can make a great career out of it. The delays and the “studying” that starts to feel like a chore has to be eliminated, so that students truly appreciate the theory of music that they are learning. This is where Music Theory Worksheets are some of the best tools that you can get. These worksheets are one of the coolest tools available today that make students develop an everlasting interest in the subject.
Music Theory Worksheets usually comprise of the details where each student, with your guidance jots down the basic of each class that he has attended. When you plan your lessons, do ensure that the last 10 minutes of your time are spent in filling up these worksheets. At the end of each class, ask your students to come up with what they have understood out of the lesson, and engage the class in an in-depth discussion. You can then ask them to fill up their Music Theory Worksheets with what they have learnt. These will help them prepare for their next class much better, as it is just a single page, and they will not have to memorize several pages of notes.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Hip Hop

I remember waking up excited as hell back in 94 because I knew i was gonna eat breakfast and pop in my “Ready to Die” tape or my “36 Chambers” and just get lost. To me those were days when Hip Hop music was at its peak. Albums had substance and storyline. The artists, though usually exaggerated for marketing purposes, had real life stories to tell. These stories were vivid and drew you into their world. I was inspired. It was the time when I said to myself “stop playin around with these rhymes and take this seriously”.
Even then, all the way in little Barbados (you may think we’re detached and out of the way but we are very developed and up-to-date with everything, and have been for a while) I was encouraged by the energy and spirit of Hip Hop to want to be something larger than life. I was inspired to look beyond what my society mapped out as a normal path to follow. It confirmed for me that my creative spirit could not be extinguished. From then until now music has been my greatest strength (and at times my greatest weakness).
Now Hip Hop to me has become a shadow of its former self. Not to discredit the progress made in terms of commercial success and pop culture acceptance of course. However, something is missing and I’m not sure what it is. I’m not even sure if it’s just that I’m from a particular era and as such I’m just a bit resistant to change. Still it weighs on me from time to time. Seems now like there is less originality and more tendency to follow an accepted pattern. A lot of MCs out there sound the same. Everyone wants to be Hov, Drake or Wayne. Where are the ones who would dare to stand out? The Busta Rhymes’,the ODBs, the De La Souls and Tribe Called Quests? Seems to me like its a battle. Style vs Substance and style is winning. To the detriment of a culture perhaps? Where is the mainstream love for the other tenets of Hip hop culture? Instead of the wholesale exploitation of beautiful black women in videos, how about showcasing the talent of Graffiti writers?
It is true that all things must change and evolve but the energies we use to create our realities must not be tainted and degraded in the name of so called progress. Let those who bring genuine portions of their own truths to the game consistently be continually blessed and let those who don’t learn to understand themselves and their role.